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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Subject:AAW 2010 Day 2 : Featured VC artist of the year : Dany & Dany
Posted by:hiyami.
Time:8:20 am.
Mood: nostalgic.
Armand Appreciation Week 2010

AAW 2010 - the banner

The fandom is old and so am I. Do you remember the famous fan artists of the time? Some of them are still around, still sometimes contributing (though AFAIK Mater has killed most of the inspiration of fic-writers).

Among those, Dany & Dany are Italian artists, who started with VC fan-art. They now have their own manga studio, and are published.


But, tribute to what made them start, they still have on that website a gallery of Vampire Chronicle fan-art, with old and more recent works :


cut for picsCollapse )
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Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Subject:Children of the Millennia; Anne Rice RPG.
Posted by:pilotte.
Time:9:13 pm.


Children of the Millennia is a dark role-playing game based on The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice. It takes place after the novel Merrick in the present day, 2009, in New York City and portions of the world beyond. All living characters found in the books (including some those who may have been involved in Akasha's massacre in The Queen of the Damned, if there could be some excuse given for their survival) are available for play.


Armand, Benji (pb: Luke Pasqualino?), Bianca, Claudia, Daniel, David, Gabrielle, Jesse, Lestat, Louis, Mael, Mekare, Merrick, Santino and more!


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Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Subject:Way back when...
Posted by:_lime_.
Time:8:46 pm.
Wow there hasn't been a post in this community for awhile...

The Vampire Chronicles in RetrospectCollapse )
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Subject:nocturnality : now accepting applications!
Posted by:night_mods.
Time:6:38 pm.
Nocturnality - A Victorian era Vampire Chronicles RPG

You've seen Interview with the Vampire, you've read The Vampire Lestat. But what if things had played out differently? One minute decision made on a whim can change a life or even the course of history.

Lestat de Lioncourt was instructed to live out one mortal lifetime. "To forstall it may be to lose everything," Marius had said. This Lestat did and this story you know. Clauda, Louis, Lestat- a charade of a family built upon secrets and destroyed in a single night full of flames. But what if Lestat- burnt and beaten- had sought solace somewhere other than in one who harbored him such resentment? What if he had been unable to raise his blackened and shriveled hand to knock upon the doors of the Théâtre des Vampires and instead slunk shamed and defeated into the Paris night where his plans of going to ground were once again interrupted by an immortal with pale eyes and kind hands. What would this change?

Well and alive, Claudia and Madeline move on. Lestat, reunited with Marius, travels to find a fledgling that has sought solace in one that hates him. Nicolas, thought to be dead, haunts Paris like a phantom. The year is 1862. Reunions, discoveries, a whole world on the cusp of change- what will you find here? Join Nocturnality and find out!

Nocturnality is an alternate universe plot-deviation game, meaning that the events of the game timeline deviate from the canon events of the series and head in a player decided direction.



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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Subject:What does everyone think of the Downey Jr. rumor?
Posted by:pollyannaflower.
Time:4:38 pm.
Mood: excited.
I hope people still check this lol. So there's talk of Robert Downey Jr. being the next Lestat. I had no idea they were even thinking of doing another movie! I have mixed feelings bout Downey. I love him as an actor, and I think he could pull it off. Anne said she approves of him and doesn't care that he's older than the character, which I agree with. I think he has the charisma to pull it off. Either way, I am excited to hear about something new involving the Vampire Chronicles! I think I'm one of the few that actually enjoyed both of the previous movies and even if they bring us a completely different take on the characters, I think I'll really enjoy it.

Ok, so what do you think?
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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Subject:AAW2009 : Day 2 : Real life reference : Paris Opera Garnier
Posted by:hiyami.
Time:7:39 pm.
Mood: curious.
AAW2009 : banner

Since I'm lucky enough to live in Paris, I made a little visit at the Opera Garnier. Some scenes from Neil Jordan's movie adaptation of Interview with the Vampire were shot there. In the hallway especially.
The place is gorgeous in and by itself, so well worth a few pictures...

This Opera is also where the original Phantom of the Opera novel takes place. It's easy to imagine all sorts of grandiose and supernatural beings wandering around.

cut for picsCollapse )
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Friday, September 5th, 2008

Subject:AAW 2008 Day 5 : real life reference : St Patrick's Cathedral, New York
Posted by:hiyami.
Time:1:34 pm.
Mood: geeky.
AAW 2008 banner

While on a first trip in New York for something completely different, in February, I took a chance to visit St Patrick's cathedral...

picturesCollapse )

AAW 2008 Day 1 : Armand on DeviantArt recently

AAW 2008 Day 2 : Fic : Lullaby for songbird

AAW 2008 Day 3 : icons

AAW 2008 Day 4 : Song inspiration
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Subject:The Mummy
Posted by:domnace9.
Time:10:42 am.
Mood: curious.
I'm just curious to see if anyone has read The Mummy or Ramses the Damned and what you thought of it? And what did anyone think of the Mayfair Witches books? I'm thinking of reading those too.

I recently decided to read some of Anne's non-vampire novels and so far I've read The Servant of the Bones and Cry to Heaven. I really enjoyed both of them except that Cry to Heaven really dragged in places for me. I forced myself to finish and not give up on it and I'm really glad that I did. So, I'm just wanting to get others opinions.

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Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Subject:About her change in religion...
Posted by:noahsparadise.
Time:10:28 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
I was very upset about that, she was a vampire pioneer!! And she managed to become religious out of it!!!! RIDICULOUS. And i have to say that her husband isn't exactly the most religious poet if you've read some of them they are rather dark.
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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Posted by:raistlinsudbey.
Time:8:57 pm.
Hey, I'm new here and I'd figure I'd post a neat little thing I noticed
if anyone plays Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for either PC or Xbox 360
in one of the fighter guilds, the game designers made Mojo
meaning that there's a dog in the game named Mojo like it "Tale of the Body Thief"
I thought that was pretty neat
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Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Subject:Hello everyone!
Posted by:yoru_no_merodii.
Time:2:08 pm.
Mood: good.
I'm new here.
I'm having a hard time finding some of Anne's books in my country, so far I found only Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned in the book stores.
So if you can maybe help me in finding more Anne's books online? I already tried ebay, but most books there is in bidding. I need a good store that can be paid through paypal.
I'm also searching for a layout with an Anne's them (AKA Queen of the Damned or something like that).

Thank you,

~Muffin :3
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Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Posted by:chaoticdreamz.
Time:9:25 pm.
I just finished Memnoch the Devil. I've read  interview, lestat, the body theif, pandora, blood and gold, armand, which is next? Merrick? Its so confusing because she didn't write them in order, she wrote other things in between. Someone help and please don't tell me that shes done with lestat. The last sentence in memnoch is "let me pass now from fiction into legend"
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Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Subject:I entered that LJ Contest Only to find out it was already over. I'm Sharing it anyways.
Posted by:vampireskitten.
Time:5:20 am.
Mood: blah.
 What Do You Have To Say? - What A Character

Write about a literary character who changed you in some way.


<input ... > View other answers


Anne Rice's character Akasha was an anctient vampire.  She was so old yet so inexperienced with the new world. You couldn't help but fall inlove with her beauty, simplicity, and passions.  She was doomed the very moment she fell for that young blonde vampire we all know as Lestat. Throughout the book, Queen of the Damned, she is the known as the mother of all vampires. Futher on, she will prove that the age of a person doesn't always determine their intelligence or fidelity.

The character was written in such an addictive way that I started to fall for the actress who presented Akasha on the big screen. When the actress sadly passed away from a fatal plane crash, I was struck with such grief, that I cried for an entire day. I was stunned by my reaction. I had not realized my tears were even capable of surpassing the final chapters in the written character's life much less have the actress who starred as her effect me.

This realization caused an epiphany to arise. Reading can develope another form of reality and from that reality there lies a powerful connection to the tangible one. Simply put, I can say I may react a certain way in a future event but until the event truly happens, I cannot be completely sure. That also means that life is more fragile than I ever imagined. Every reaction has a chain reaction and even the results may very depending upon luck, miscalculations, and other coinciding sequences.

My reaction to that acrtess'/character's death was just as effective as any grief I have suffered from a true loved one's passing. I unknowningly believed, in my subconsious mind, that the world Anne Rice had created was real, Thus creating a breach into the reality I once thought was impenetrable.  Reality is truly what you make of it.

Akasha still lives in my heart to this day.

~Victoria K.
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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Subject:AAW 2007 : Day 6 : VC covers from German editions
Posted by:hiyami.
Time:9:18 pm.
Mood: geeky.
Armand Appreciation Week 2007

German cover to The Vampire Armand (1) German cover to The Vampire Armand (1)

German cover to The Vampire Armand (2) German cover to The Vampire Armand (2)

German cover to The Vampire Armand (3) German cover to The Vampire Armand (3)

(sorry for the bad quality, I didn't find any better version)

I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to find some new art or at least covers a bit more... imaginative...

Previous AAW posts (I'm trying not to spam every comm... so I'm spreading the posts)

Day 1 : The boy in the AAW banner

Day 2 : Icons

Day 3 : Fan-art (from others)

Day 4 : Song inspiration : Nach Dir Kommt Nichts

Day 5 : Wallpaper
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Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Subject:AAW 2007 : Day 1 : The boy in the AAW banner
Posted by:hiyami.
Time:10:44 am.
Mood: geeky.
Armand Appreciation Week 2007

Let's start with this year's face chosen to illustrate the AAW banner.

A few weeks ago, a book cover caught my eye : it showed an auburn-haired boy with a fiery look, in a wild landscape of snow and dead trees. Evocative of Armand's youth in Kiev, to my very Armand-oriented eyes.

Cover for French edition of Chronicle of Immortals

I got a little suspicious at how much of a coincidence it was when I looked at the book title : "Chronicles of the Immortals"; and at the back cover summary, that spoke of a main character called Andrej Delany, whose family and village was either slaughtered or enslaved by the Inquisition and three mysterious Golden Knights, and who travelled across his native Transylvania to find them.

... urm...

Can you see it coming?
Yes, it has vampires in it.

And his son is called Marius.

... urm...

It's getting a little too much to be a mere coincidence, is it?

The character in the illustration is a young boy, Frederic, sole survivor of the slaughtered village, who Andrej takes under his wing while he hunts down the Inquisition to find his family.

It's definitely Germany Year in fandoms, because this book is the first of a 10-novels series by a German fantasy writer, Wolfgang Hohlbein, who is said to be the German Robbin Hobbes.
(I'm not sure it's a compliment, though it probably was in the mind of the one who wrote it).

The series is called "Die Chronik der Unsterblichen" there ("Chronicles of the Immortals" is a literal translation).

Wolfgang Hohlbein's official site

The French edition illustration, that I used for the banner, was done by Amandine Labarre.

Full version (click for full size) :

Detail cover for Chronicles of Immortals

The first novel was adapted in comics / "bande dessinée" in Germany, too, by Benjamin Von Eckartsberg and Thomas Von Kummant.
But not so much Armandian material in it.
Only the first of the two planned issues has been released so far - in German and also in French.

Benjamin Von Eckartsberg's official site

Thomas Von Kummant's official site

Thomas Von Kummant's official blog

Amandine Labarre's official site
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Monday, August 20th, 2007

Subject:Armand Appreciation Week 2007
Posted by:hiyami.
Time:8:06 pm.
Mood: happy.
Armand Appreciation Week 2007 Announcement

This year, the Armand Appreciation Week will take place during September 1-7 (and not Mon -> Sun around September 5 as was the original rule).

A special occasion to draw, write, talk about the ageless vampire.

This year will have a theme : Germany.

The theme is not mandatory for your contributions, though. Just to give you a starting point if you're having a writer's / artist's block.

(sorry for the crosspost if you read this more than once)
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Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Subject:Just 2 questions
Posted by:ratarma.
Time:5:16 pm.
-is anybody here?
-what do u think about
Cry to Heaven?
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Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Subject:Weird question
Posted by:tekpa.
Time:12:47 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Where is Anne Rice living now?
I remember that she had 3 houses in New Orleans, I spent a bit of money in her shop, which I know she closed down.

I used to live in New Orleans, lol, I miss all the weirdness there.
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Friday, April 13th, 2007

Subject:New here, pleased to meet all of you.
Posted by:xsasukerebornx.
Time:10:52 am.
I'm new here.

I have only finished Interview with the Vampire and Memnoch the Devil.

I am in the process of reading The Vampire Lestat. (I'm up to Armand's part of the book ♥)

I own and have not read Queen of the Damned yet.

The rest, I have yet to buy. (it took me two or three months to get Interview, Lestat and Queen. I ended up buying a three-in-one book... And I ended up having a copy of Lestat and Queen in a pile of books *which I dug through looking for them...)
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Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Subject:Posting to say I'm new....
Posted by:gensbitch.
Time:4:29 pm.
I've been a member of this community for some time now. But up until recently I haven't really had time to sit down and type a hello entry to everyone. I am a huge fan of Anne Rice she's been my favorite author since I was 12. I'm now 22 and still reading everything I can by this wonderful author. I have read up to date:

Interview with the Vampire
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of the Damned
Memnoch the Devil
Tale of the Body Thief
The Vampire Armand
Blood and Gold
Servent of the Bones
Blackwood Farm
Sleeping Beauty Trio

Also the sequel to Blackwood Farm which I can't remember right now. But thank you for your time and I hope to have some friendly replies.
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