Shinomori Kyo; xsrx (xsasukerebornx) wrote in anne_rice,
Shinomori Kyo; xsrx

New here, pleased to meet all of you.

I'm new here.

I have only finished Interview with the Vampire and Memnoch the Devil.

I am in the process of reading The Vampire Lestat. (I'm up to Armand's part of the book ♥)

I own and have not read Queen of the Damned yet.

The rest, I have yet to buy. (it took me two or three months to get Interview, Lestat and Queen. I ended up buying a three-in-one book... And I ended up having a copy of Lestat and Queen in a pile of books *which I dug through looking for them...)
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Welcome :) Queen of the Damned is a great novel by Rice, one of her best I'm sure you'll love it. Too bad the movie had to be terrible :/ Memnoch I never cared for tbh- I read it once and probably won't ever again but Interview I just love.

Definitely get Tale of the Body Thief once you're through with Damned that is still my favorite from her in the Chronicles.