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Please help

Hello, everyone. My name is Catharin. I am a student at Loyola University in New Orleans, or at least, what is left of New Orleans. My apartment in the Quarter likely has water damage and of course the city at large is demolished. There are possibly thousands dead in this tragedy, more than a million homeless, and that is just the toll in Louisiana. More are suffering in Mississippi and Alabama. My heart is beyond broken and I bet many of you feel the same way.

I fully understand if the mods must delete this post. I will be posting it everywhere I possibly can.

I come before you to beg for help. This is why.

There is a roleplay group on Livejournal and here: http://www.nosftu.com who pretend to be the Ricean vampires. This is not unusual. There are many such groups.

What IS unusual is that these roleplayers have tried to roleplay Hurricane Katrina.

Here is what "Lestat" posted in "his" journal. I repost it here so all of you can see what "he" has dared to do. This is the respect "he" has for the city of New Orleans, the people who live there, the works of Anne Rice and the basic value of human life.

The Whirlwind

Goodbye, New Orleans.

My eyes peruse the papers, the television, a half smile for the words from my critics; all out laughter for the truer and infinitely more interesting words from my mortal readers.

I love you all. Even my would-be enemies. Especially them. Never forget it.

After all, when your enemies read every word, when they can't seem to tear themselves away from your work, when even your critics and mortal enemies can't seem to live without you - how can you not love them? Now that's success.

Outside, the storm grows. The city is a ghost town. I've seen hurricanes before. But none like this. This one promises to be worth the wait. It strikes at dawn, this storm they thought would never come. The predictable fear and worry for my city is present, along with an unnamable excitement. I am too far gone to imagine that any of this is coincidence.

12 hours.

Drumming my fingers mortal-style on the walnut desk of my study, I contemplate the future. And the past. The Great Experiment.

Dear Reader: I am thinking about you. You're on my mind. Totally. I know you're suffering. I see it. I always have.

Q: Are you planning to reveal something, Lestat?

We'll see, darling. We'll see.

7 am. Disaster at dawn.

Louis is wandering the quarter unseen. He expects total anhililation. With every shade of darkening sky, my anticipation grows. The stream of automobiles leaving the city is faintly disappointing. Where is your fight? Your pride? Strange to see the quarter deserted on a Saturday night. And tonight, the city is empty.


Armand in the courtyard sitting on the gate. Maxwell coming up the stairs. Wants to know again what a hurricane is like.

Life, Demon.

The whirlwind that destroys everything in the end. Some survive. Some don't. Some rebuild. Others, this city will never see again.

You see that sky? That's the eye of the storm. That's us.

The stage is set.

This is it.

28 August 2005


Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/lestatvalois/56314.html


I know that this is a small issue in the face of all that has happened, but it is unacceptable.

Please, all of you, I beg you, send this to Anne Rice. I don't know her email, but I am shaking and crying in fury. There are dead bodies floating in the floodwaters and these people are roleplaying it. New Orleans is a disaster area and they are roleplaying it. People are missing, starving, drowning, and they are roleplaying it. I hear that people who have spoken out against this insanity have been banned from their roleplaying forum, the infamous Looking Glass.

I was once a member there. But I have been gone for more than a year.

Please. Please. I cannot make them take it down, I cannot make them stop. I believe that at this point only Mrs. Rice can make them stop. Please help, in the name of New Orleans and what she once was, and what I hope she may be again. In the names of the suffering who are being mocked and disgraced by this shameful display of arrogance and callousness. In the name of the value of human life itself. Please, someone. Pass this on to Anne Rice or her lawyers in any way you can.

Send it to fandom_wank, send it to LJ Drama, send it to anyone, everyone. I don't care if I am mocked, I just want this abomination gone.

My everlasting thanks to you all. I sincerely apologize to you all for the disruption and ask that you keep the people affected by this disaster in your thoughts and prayers. My deepest sympathy for any and all of you who have been affected. Take care and God Bless.
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